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At this point, I am a 25-year-old Public Relations Pro who enjoys his job (not many can say THAT). I love hockey and the Detroit Red Wings. Even more important to me, my wife and I are expecting our first child, hence the creation of one of my blogs: Daddy Blogger Dan. The intention(s) of this blog will focus around the preparation and interaction of our new arrival. My other blog, Fired Up, will focus on topical issues that get me, well, 'fired up'. Different issues that may not be current affairs but that I definitely have a passion for. Extra Notes: The outdoors facinate me and I enjoy living and breathing its freshness. Other intesrests include: social media, social networking, soccer, friends, painting, drawing, technology. You can always find more updates about me via my social networking sites: Twitter (@DanFuoco), Facebook and LinkedIn.

We Found a Water Monkey in Our Luggage

It’s only her second time in the pool but you would have thought she was a professional swimmer. Continue reading

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3 Tips: How To Give Your Infant Medicine Orally

Babies are like us in having clearly manifested feelings in their reactions to assaults, injuries, irritations, or medically inflicted pain. They smile, cry, and kick in protest, manifest fear, anger, grief, pleasure, or displeasure in ways which seem entirely appropriate in relation to their circumstances. Babies are cognitive beings, thinking their own thoughts, dreaming their own dreams, learning from their own experiences, and remembering their own experiences (David Chamberlain, PhD a founder of APPPAH (Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health)) Continue reading

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Why she cried

Babies know more than we give them cedit for. They can sense anxiety or if someone is uncomfortable holding them. They know their parents’ scent and voices. So why do we think that crying (for babies under 1-year-old) is just a NORMAL part of life? For that first year, they NEED us in order to survive. Crying = discomfort. Why would you willingly want your child to be uncomfortable? Continue reading

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The Day I Became Daddy

Being a parent is a tremendous responsibility. The transition often takes place in the blink of an eye lid, even though the psycological transition may take days. The following is my story and feelings about that transition. Continue reading

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