We Found a Water Monkey in Our Luggage

It’s official – she is part human, part water monkey. My wife and I took Isabella down to the pool while on our trip to Chicago and she LOVED the water; splashing and yelling as we took turns savoring the joyous moment.
The mere mention of “pool” or “swimming” made her body shake with excitement. Her hands waved back and forth as if she were already splashing in the pool and a smile took up most of the real estate on her face.
We changed into our swimsuits faster than a pitstop in NASCAR and hurried to the pool.
The scent of chlorine filled the hallway – we knew we were close. Finally, there it was. No one was around. The hum of the jacuzzi on low provided the perfect white noise. Everything was calm and quiet…but not for long.

The water introduction was slow; cautious. We didn’t know how she would react.
Splash! Splash! Slash!
She wasn’t shy. She loved it! Screams of excitement filled the peacefully quiet pool area.
Hands waving- feet kicking- smiling from ear to ear. She literally looked like a monkey in water the way she splashed and screamed at the fun she had.
Bringing her for water rides around the perimeter wasn’t just a ride as Isabella began to kick, unprompted. We don’t know if it was natural water form or sheer excitement but we really don’t care because the look in her eyes and the smile on her face was satisfaction enough to know that she loves the water and loves us for sharing in that moment.

About Dan

At this point, I am a 25-year-old Public Relations Pro who enjoys his job (not many can say THAT). I love hockey and the Detroit Red Wings. Even more important to me, my wife and I are expecting our first child, hence the creation of one of my blogs: Daddy Blogger Dan. The intention(s) of this blog will focus around the preparation and interaction of our new arrival. My other blog, Fired Up, will focus on topical issues that get me, well, 'fired up'. Different issues that may not be current affairs but that I definitely have a passion for. Extra Notes: The outdoors facinate me and I enjoy living and breathing its freshness. Other intesrests include: social media, social networking, soccer, friends, painting, drawing, technology. You can always find more updates about me via my social networking sites: Twitter (@DanFuoco), Facebook and LinkedIn.
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