The Day I Became Daddy

What a whirlwind! In one huge moment I added a new position to my personal career: Father.

It was one day past our baby’s due date. My wife and I were relaxing, watching a movie. The movie ended around 11:30PM and I thought it was time for bed. I thought wrong.

I could sense some discomfort from Natalie, my wife, as she clutched her stomach and grabbed her back as her contractions originated from her back and surged across her sides to her naval.

“I think this is it,” she said with pain in her voice. “Pack the car. I think we’re going to the hospital.”

My demeanor on the outside was calm and collective – I was there to support my wife with ANYTHING she needed. I did my tasks and I did them efficiently. On the inside, sirens were sounding as if I were in war and the enemy was near. “RED ALERT! RED ALERT! This is not a drill – we are going to have a baby! Move soldier! Move! Move! Move!”

The back seat of our Ford Escape was filled full of luggage. Blankets, the baby’s car seat, notes, and snacks were part of items packed for this trip – you would have thought we were going out of town. Out the garage, down the driveway and to DMC Hutzel Women’s Hospital so we could meet our special little visiter.

There are so many thoughts that ran through my mind on that trip.

“What do I do? Where do I go? What will the first words to my baby be? What should I say when assisting my wife through labor? What should I NOT say when assisting my wife through labor?”

…Fast Forward to post-labor…

At 7:51AM, a beautiful baby girl came into our lives, changing it forever. Isabella Cristiana Fuoco greeted us peacefully and quietly. So quietly, the nurses had to slightly shake her to make sure all fluids had left her lungs…all was good.

This is the moment when you realize the reality of the situation. I looked into Isabella’s big eyes and saw my future as a proud parent. I saw her crawling, walking, talking. Birthdays. Schooling. Sports. Friends. Graduation. Minor Disagreements. Embarrassing situations. Life lessons. I saw a curious child thriving for answers and more knowledge. I saw a little piece of me in her. I saw my life change for the better and a tender side develop. My heart melted and in that instance I vowed to protect and guide this little soul by actively participating in her growth and development.

From now on, I am a father…


About Dan

At this point, I am a 25-year-old Public Relations Pro who enjoys his job (not many can say THAT). I love hockey and the Detroit Red Wings. Even more important to me, my wife and I are expecting our first child, hence the creation of one of my blogs: Daddy Blogger Dan. The intention(s) of this blog will focus around the preparation and interaction of our new arrival. My other blog, Fired Up, will focus on topical issues that get me, well, 'fired up'. Different issues that may not be current affairs but that I definitely have a passion for. Extra Notes: The outdoors facinate me and I enjoy living and breathing its freshness. Other intesrests include: social media, social networking, soccer, friends, painting, drawing, technology. You can always find more updates about me via my social networking sites: Twitter (@DanFuoco), Facebook and LinkedIn.
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2 Responses to The Day I Became Daddy

  1. Dave Peckens says:

    Fantastic. Your writing moved me along and I felt I was right there with you. Many blessings to you and your new family.

  2. Becky says:

    Love it Dan! Very real and heartfelt! There’s nothing like becoming a parent for the first time. It will be interesting to hear about the events of first time parenting from the dad’s perspective.

    Congrats again!

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